For most of my life, I have been a technology geek. I studied computer science in high school and continued that in college. In college, after changing majors twice, I realized that having a career in technology was not my passion. I developed the love for fashion. My style progressed and my opinion mattered to others in choosing an outfit for the next college party.  Once I graduated with an IT degree in 2003, it was not only difficult to find an IT job, but it was impossible to step into the fashion world without the experience. So I fell into the real estate field but always stayed on top of my fashion...on a budget of course. I found myself shopping more and more on the Internet because shopping in crowds is not my thing. The deals that I find on the Internet are enormous. I have been called the "Internet Queen" because I buy almost everything from it. People always comment on my style and ask where can they get it.  So in 2013, I decided to start a business called Fashionably Rich; an online boutique that focuses on fashion for less for women.  I know as an independent working woman, I have to be smart with my money, and now that I have a son, I have to be even smarter.  I love nice things, but I also love to save on my purchases.  I'm big on finding cute clothes and accessories at an awesome deal.  Sometimes I may splurge but I'm pretty sure the item was marked down some lol. Be rich in fashion; it doesn't require a lot of cents!